Mark Tholander

(Brief Bio and and information) My practice revolves around the out-of-sync, and follows what it entails when these breaks in rhythm branch off: in collectives (societies, families, identities, etc) or ontological conditions (which determine intersubjective relations). The narratives in my works therefore most often work with the disruptive, or a diagonal that creates disorientation in normalized lines: the collective and the disruption within. I unfold this in narratives that are driven by characters in limbo positions. They act as uniforms: a pathway between an empty set and a category. Their conversations are simultaneously intimate and distant, and moves along the axis of banality, but constantly drives the disruptive forward. The workplace as the banal rhythmic passage of everyday life, but with the potentiality of the subversive in it, or the cracks of the collective in which a breakthrough appears. I believe that we need to create new narratives that can grasp ontological and existential conditions. When I create narratives, I always work in an oscillation between the abstract and the concrete. They start in ontological issues, but express themselves in everyday life, e.g. dishwashing, eating at a restaurant or talking to a colleague. My stories therefore deal with the absurdity of everyday life, in society and in the interpersonal. This is because the disruptive most often happens in the places we least expect it: when we fold clothes, or are at a family party, where the ground suddenly seems to disappear beneath us. Here, where diagonals appear in normalized lines. (From https://marktholander.dk/bio.html)

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