Mole Play

Mole Play (Arthur Carlander, Sophia Ioannou Gjerding, Mark Tholander, Valdemar Kragelund, Holger Hartvig and Greta Eacott) from Mark Tholander on Vimeo.

Description: Video documentation of the first performance of ‘Mole Play’ with 6 players. It took place in Samsø, Denmark. ‘Mole Play’ can be performed in an unlimited number of variants, of which this is the first variant. The play is set up by the method of animated notation. Animated notation is a way of playing music, where the music is instructed by visual material instead of the traditional sheet music systems. 'Mole Play' consists of a game engine where the player(s) can control 4 colors each corresponding to one of 4 instrumentalists. For other variants of the play, any instrument can be selected for each of the 4 colors. The rules for each of the building's different departments are determined by the musicians before the play begins. By using a game engine, the visual material is created live simultaneously as the sound is responding to it. Players: Arthur Carlander (guitar), Mark Tholander (game engine main player), Sophia Ioannou Gjerding (game engine co-player), Valdemar Kragelund (keyboard), Holger Hartvig (keyboard) and Greta Eacott (drums). Game engine programmed by Lars Hemmingsen Nørgaard, with instructions from Sophia Ioannou Gjerding, Arthur Carlander and Mark Tholander. Instructions for new alterations: 4 musicians get assigned one of the 4 colors. Before the play begins, the musicians determine how to react to each part. The musicians react to what is in the field of vision of the player. Download video game engine (made by Unity): Note 1: Download the whole folder for the game to work. Then open “Samsoe.exe”. Note 2: It is not needed to have Unity installed in order to play the game. Controls (PC): W, A, S, D: Move Left click: Activate or freeze object Right click: Remove or drop object 1, 2, 3, 4: Change color Esc: Reset game Note: The game is also set up to be used with a Xbox controller. Possibilities of world interaction: Grass field: Clicking on the ground makes objects appear. They can be frozen in the air, removed and having their color changed. Row of chairs: Clicking on the chairs makes guests appear and disappear. Colors can be changed. Stairs: Colors can be changed on each step. Tool room: Tools can be picked up and dropped, and have their color changed.

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