Two new works by Daniel McKemie

Composites 1

COMPOSITES 1 for Modular Synthesizer Soloist and Four Accompanists is a real- time, graphically notated work for modular synthesizer soloist and four accompaniment parts that utilizes the power of Node.js, WebSockets, Web Audio, and CSS to realize an OS-agnostic and web-deliverable electroacoustic composition that can be accessed on any device with a web browser. (text from link below)

Check it out here


"Seaswell is written for 4 Snare Drummers. Each drummer picks one bar to read, and is placed at that point on the stage (ie. Player 1 is the left most bar, they will be positioned stage RIGHT, etc.). The extremes of the stage must be used. A variations exists where the drummers may be placed surrounding the audience." (text from link below)

Check out the score here