Transduction by Sophie Hoyle

Transduction from Sophie Hoyle on Vimeo.

Transduction is a "Digital video of 16mm film transfer; instrumentation and methods of interpretation of the score depend on the individual musician." (description from http://www.lautremusique.net/)

The Vimeo descrption is as follows: "Transduction explores translation and equivalence, between the visual and the sonic and between film and digital. Fragments of the music score for Iannis Xenakis’ ‘Metastasis’ were transferred onto 16mm film, and altered from being read sequentially to being read frame-by-frame in succession forming a non-linear reading of the score. The graphic score is ‘heard’ through optical sound, where the visual graphics extending onto the soundtrack area of the film are ‘read’ by the projector as sound."

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