Pedro Gómez-Egaña

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clark nova:

"Pedro Gómez-Egaña is a Colombian artist born in 1976. He is also Associate Professor at the Bergen National Academy of Art and Design where he runs the MA in Visual Arts programme.

Gómez-Egaña has trained at Goldsmiths College, the Bergen National Academy of Arts, and the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme.

His practice varies from sculpture to video, phonography, and site specific works that include a focus on motion and temporality. In some of his works this interest is manifest in intricate stagings where audiences can experience the transformation of sculptural bodies (The Tristan Chord). At the same time, his work is motivated by the importance of time in cultural definitions of disaster, anxiety, and catastrophe whilst actively resisting the dynamics of shock found in media culture. The result is works that are ghostly and playful, and that range from elaborate theatrical productions with carefully devised viewing conditions (Kinetoscope of Time, Domain of Things), to performative video pieces (Birds).

In resonance with his early musical training Gómez-Egaña's practice includes sound and music as important narrative, and symbolic drives. It is also from his experience as composer that his work includes such a meticulous attention to the way events, be them sounds, actions or objects, appear in time.

Gómez Egaña has developed a variety of research projects at different institutions and with partners such as the British Council, Goldsmiths College, Kunstnernes Hus, The Laban Centre, Bergen National Academy of Arts, and Universidad Nacional de Colombia. His artworks and collaborations have been at art, music and dance venues and events such as the Brussels Biennial, Marrakech Biennial, Kunsthall Mulhouse, Purcell Room-South Bank Centre-London, Kunstnernes Hus-Oslo, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Rencontre International d'Art Performance de Quebec, L'appartement 22 Rabat, OktoberDans-Bergen, Institute of Contemporary Art-London, Galeria Vermelho-Sao Paulo, CCMoca-Buenos Aires, Dare Dare-Montreal, BMIC Cutting Edge Series-London, and Kunstraum Kreuzberg-Berlin, amongst others. "[1]

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