Luciano Azzigott

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"My musical work spans various media formats and listening, writing and gesture. I practice listening to the world. Hören und gehören: Hear and Belonging. I want to extend listening and inhabit the world and what I hear. Because I hear belong to each other what I hear. Sometimes I write songs, because they are an unfathomable arrow of our collective memory. Sometimes the memories are other dynamic systems and need to understand the listener. Someday music is the art of combining vibrations common magma, not just those covered by the sound range (20hz-20khz). My heart beats 0.8 hz, run every 3 hz. I want to build systems which can harmonize speeds. I'm interested in music and action sports agon ransom. Tomo the concert as a parameter to be made while the sounds. The concert as the place and time of the meeting of collective listening. [translated from Spanish via GoogleTranslate] "[1]

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