Keir Neuringer

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Dodging Bullets:

"Keir Neuringer has been called a "drum-pounding prophet of doom, keyboard playing last poet and sax marathonist" whose "percussive riffs and musical spitfire sermons disrupt neurons and reorient thinking - and hit the gut." His solo performances weave together experimental rock, political folk, free improvisation, psych/drone, and spoken word. He performs on saxophone, in intensely physical circular breathing improvisations that honor and build upon diverse music-making traditions, or on a vintage Farfisa organ, while simultaneously drumming and singing.

Raised in New York and trained as a classical composer and multidisciplinary artist in Poland and the Netherlands, he's created politically explicit music and art for the last decade that confronts basic contemporary dilemmas without advancing specific ideologies beyond the dictum to think critically and compassionately. He travels widely to present his work and collaborates closely in Europe with Rafal Mazur, Ensemble Klang and DJ Sniff. Among the acts he has shared bills with are Deerhoof, Faust, Peter Brotzman, Philip Jeck, CCMC (John Oswald, Michael Snow and Paul Dutton), Nat Baldwin, Arrington de Dionyso, Pamela Z, Jason Ajemian & the HighLife, powerdove, Tatsuya Nakatani, Not the Wind, Not the Flag, Nick Millevoi, and Johnny Dowd. He has improvised with Evan Parker, Misha Mengelberg, Paul Dutton, Raed Yassin, Colin Stetson, Matt Bauder, Audrey Chen, Matt Wright and others, and worked with electronic music pioneers (and former mentors) Joel Ryan, Marek Choloniewski, and Michel Waisvisz. He moved to Philadelphia in the summer of 2012. "[1]

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