Jim Ryan

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"Jim Ryan was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1974. Son of Irish traditional folk singer and guitarist Tom Ryan of Galway City. Moved to Castlebar, Co.Mayo in 79. Currently living in Lansing, MI, USA, where he is finishing medical school.

Current work involves; composition for dvd, with emphasis on 5.1 surround sound, and complete audio video integration.

The animated score project, an animated intuitive graphic notation currently focusing on vocal work, which often includes the audience.

As a musician [guitar, tenor saxophone, clarinet,and electronics] his work focus's on free improvisation, either audio visually with deon foster as the shenanigans.tv, or in the audio focused ensemble, the rattling wall collective in dutch. "[1]

1. "Index," www.smallbrainrecords.com, accessed November 30, 2013, http://www.smallbrainrecords.com/ryan/index.htm.


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